I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. I was born in Denver, Colorado and shortly after, moved to Germany as my Air Force father was stationed there. While traveling around Europe, my mother discovered I had an artistic calling at the tender age of 3. I was bored and asked my mom what I should do, so she gave me a pencil and some paper and said I should draw the flags at the center of the campground we were staying at. Expecting sticks and boxes at the most, my mother was surprised to see poles with the finial on top, the flags furled, the Stars and Stripes of the American flag, the Swiss cross, and the German stripes. My mom announced to my dad “I think we have a little artist on our hands.”

Throughout my childhood, my parents did their best to nurture my skills and talents, even aiding in attending The Art Institute of Seattle as a young woman to gain more practical artistic skills. I didn’t give art school my best efforts, and my father was battling cancer while I was attending. I have an Associate of Applied Arts degree, but the truth was I was far more interested in fine arts than what my Fashion Illustration degree promised.

Two months after graduating, my father lost his battle with cancer. This sent me on a downward spiral and I created sporadically over the years, playing with watercolor and colored pencil Celtic knots, but spent most of that time between then and now settling for unfulfilling office work and drowning myself with far too much alcohol. I battled fear and doubt in my potential as an artist, as many artists do, resulting in self-sabotage and bellying up to the local bar instead.

These days, I’m nearly 4 years sober and I hit the reboot button on my life. My faith has brought me out of that dark pit and my love for creating art has returned with a joy and passion that I’ve never experienced before.

I’m currently learning oil painting from Evolve artist online, and exploring different mediums and styles. The first year I was sober just so happened to be 2020 and during that challenging time, I discovered my love of creating art again. I discovered paint pouring and found it to be therapeutic, healing, and it became a gateway to rediscovering that joy in creating without fear. Plus, it saved me financially because people wanted to buy my pours! I also enjoy creating animal portraits in colored pencil as realistically as I can.

I love the idea of combining realism and abstract, so I’ve been playing around with paint pours again and seeking to combine my realistic drawings and the paint pours in a collage and using stencils with gel medium for effect. It’s all a work in progress as I am still developing my voice and style.

I am profoundly grateful to God for this second chance at life and the opportunity to be the artist I was created to be. I am honored to steward these gifts and create as a gift back to my savior and to hopefully bring joy and blessing to those who might like it.


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