Kathleen Alvizo is a retired High School Choral music director, and is a relatively new photography enthusiast. Although she enjoys taking pictures of any subject matter, her main focus is nature shots. She tries to capture a scene or detail that the average person may not see – a pair of horses nuzzling, a spider web in a flower, a beautiful reflection in the water, or the wind blowing through a field.

Kathleen is self-taught, and feels that photography is similar to music, which is what she is much more familiar with. Some of the same terms that apply to music also relate to art. Words such as balance, rhythm, flow, light, and dark, can be compared to music. That has helped her understand the world of art a little more.

Her love of all music is similar to her enjoyment of all types of photography. Her interest in art began in Jr. High School, but music always remained at the forefront of her life. A couple of years prior to retiring from teaching, she purchased a good camera before going on vacation. She realized how much she enjoyed photography, and it has been her hobby ever since.

Kathleen’s photographs have won numerous ribbons and awards, including the Omni Club Birthday Card Award from the Texas Bank and Trust photography contest. She has also won several Best of Photography Show ribbons, including one from the Palette of Roses Art Contest. 

As much as she enjoys photography, music still remains her number one passion. But just as she can sit in front of her piano for hours, the same goes for her hobby. She can be out taking pictures all day. However, it is MUCH easier to carry a camera around her neck than a piano! 


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