My art career started with an MFA in ceramics. After a few years I became interested in glass. The depth of colors available in glass and the varying techniques were so amazing. I decided to look into the different methods of working in glass and settled on fusing. Coefficient of expansion (COE) 96 glass was easily attainable and I could use my ceramic kiln to do the fusing. With a few hand tools and a beginners guide to fused glass I was hooked.

After envisioning the piece and making a drawing, I decide colors, thickness and size, I start to work. Cutting and grinding comes first. Then arranging the pieces and putting them in the kiln with a predetermined (about 1500F) firing schedule that will bring the glass to a fully fused single piece of glass, or a contour or tack (lower temperatures). The glass is finally slumped or draped into the prescribed form.  I will often include wood pieces to display the art or other design elements (rocks, metal charms, fiber, wire) in the final work.  My current art philosophy is that there is neither waste nor mistake when it comes to creating in fused glass.


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