Jane Casey is a Texas artist with a story that began in a small suburb west of Ft. Worth, on the banks of a beautiful creek. Her art journey started unexpectedly, inspired by her father’s therapeutic painting sessions after an accident. His enthusiasm was infectious, and as a daddy’s girl, she eagerly followed suit. With the set of brushes, watercolors and a paint-by-numbers book of birds he gave her, she began to chart her own creative path sitting on the bank of that creek, painting for hours.

While raising her family in Aledo, Texas art became a quiet companion as life blossomed around her, amidst domestic and wild animals and the inspiring tapestry of nature. She developed a deep appreciation for that beauty around her, this love for nature’s splendor has been a constant muse in her artwork and photography.

As her children grew and set out on their own journeys, her focus shifted back to her art. Her brief sojourn in Seattle, eventual retirement to serene Lake Palestine in East Texas near Tyler, travels across this nation’s diverse landscapes to the rugged beauty of Canada and New Brunswick all have provided a backdrop for her inspirations. “Each place I’ve touched infused my work with a love for color and nature, and through my lens and paints, I’ve sought to retell their stories. My art is an expression of joy and my life’s journeys and a testament to perseverance—every scraped canvas, crumpled page and worn eraser marks a step in that journey.”

Without the confines of formal art education, she has embraced an eclectic learning path, gathering wisdom from various mentors while fiercely guarding her individual style. This freedom has been the bedrock of her artistic expression, allowing her to traverse the realms of watercolors, acrylics, alcohol inks, graphite, colored pencil, and pastels. Whether capturing reality’s crisp edges or delving into the abstract, each piece she creates, she pours in the joy of her journeys and the resilience learned from overcoming challenges—and finding beauty in imperfection. Through her art, she invites you to glimpse the world as she see it: vibrant, ever-changing, full of life and possibility.

Though accolades have graced some of her pieces, “the true reward lies in sharing my art—seeing it spark joy in others is what fuels my creative spirit. My aspiration has never been fame; rather, I seek to kindle the artistic fire in my beloved children, grandchildren and in others to pursue their creative dreams.”


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