Medium: Painting, Prints

Style: Landscape, Realism, Still Life, Wildlife


I had an unusual childhood as my family moved a lot — a whole lot! I was born in Florida and we moved 3 months later to Texas. That pattern continued and led to me living all over the United States and even overseas. I am grateful to have traveled to every state in thh U.S., and many countries in Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. The experiences I have had in those travels brought such a great appreciation for the staggering creativity God displays in every part of His creation. Experiencing the diversity of people, cultures, climates, landscapes, animals, plant life, helped shape my fascination of so many subjects.

I am blessed to have a big family ‑six kids (all grown and 5 married now), kids-in-law, and 13 grandkids (so far!). Words fall short in describing how much I love them all! They are often the inspiration behind the subjects I paint.

I became a Christian when I was 28 years old and I am so grateful to be a follower of Jesus Christ. He is ultimately the inspiration and source of my art and my desire is to honor Him in everything.

I’ve been painting since I was a child and have always had a love for art. I continued to paint through my 20’s but then with children and business obligations time to paint became harder and harder to come by. My painting was put on hold for 38 years! A few years ago life began to slow down and I had time for artwork again. Now after making a living in the business world for decades I have transitioned into doing something I passionately enjoy – painting!


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