MEDIUM: Drawing, Painting, Watercolor

STYLE: Abstract, Realism, Figurative, Urban Art


Jacoby is an eclectic and multi-disciplinary artist who is originally from Texas. In high school, he was really into art but was unable to participate in the events due to football taking up the majority of his time. In college, he suffered from headaches and a nagging injury which ended his hopes of playing in the NFL. With $200 in the bank, he moved to Los Angeles, CA, to attend the Art Institute of Santa Monica. There he studied media arts and animation, film and fashion and is extremely interested in film directing.

Self-admitted, one recognizable flaw is he is easily bored, but not in the traditional sense. Meaning that if he were to start on a painting and gets an idea or inspiration for a drawing, a script, designs for a clothing line or music, he stops to works on them. This may happen multiple times in a day; these talents inspire each other.


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