Amanda Hukill says whatever gift she has comes from within. It is her ‘God given gift’ to put things on canvas. Early on, before any contact with style or conventional techniques, her expressions in the various mediums of art drew attention to that gift. With no formal art training, her style excels in a rich, vibrant expression of the world around us. When she enjoys and deeply connects with a presented subject, something inside of her meshes with the medium and she simply ‘puts her heart on the canvas’ , opening up the world of creation in a way you have never seen before.

Her first memory of an experience in the world of art was in the second grade. Her best friend’s mother was an art instructor and she had come to the small town public school to teach an art class. Challenged by the visiting artist, Amanda was encouraged to select a photo and draw it.. She carefully selected a beautiful wolf as she was custom to nature and loved the outdoors growing up in the country on a small farm in central Texas. Upon completing her suggested task, to her surprise, the instructor asked to take her drawing to the state fair and enter it.. Amanda would then win her first ribbon at the state fair. The instructor encouraged Amanda and informed her she had a ‘special gift’ with art. This started a love affair with putting things on canvas.

From that time on, Amanda began to draw everything around her. It was not uncommon for her to sit in the farmyard for hours on end drawing the goats, or other animals as they frolicked, played, and simply reveled their true natures. She even entered 6 pieces in the state fair through her local art instructor and was able to secure 6 first place ribbons. In 2011 Amanda was presented with a unique opportunity. Having studied genetics for many years on long tail fowl, she was approached by another breeder who had heard she could draw. He asked her if she could do a painting for him of a prospected breed. This is a breed that isn’t set yet but is in the breeding process of being developed. There was a well known artist who had done many of these paintings but was too busy at the time so Amanda rose to the occasion. Upon completion of the task at hand she submitted the painting to the fellow breeder. To his delight, It was better than the renown artist’s pieces in his words. From there Amanda’s art took off. She entered a local art show and took best of show and reserved best of show several years in a row.

That was when Amanda really started to dabble with all mediums. She appreciated the different styles and techniques that presented themselves in the art world and began to fearlessly tackle harder and harder tasks. She would push her abilities to their limits doing things she had never tried before. She began to sell paintings all over the United States and even Europe. Having collectors fly in to pick up pieces or see them in person was exciting and brought such joy to her. She would get emails from all over the world of people being touched by her gift.

Recently, Amanda moved back to her small town where she grew up for most of her childhood. She is currently working on animal preservation and much of her art reflects those efforts. She has been featured in a magazine, and was heavily publicized locally, having entire galleries devoted to just her work. She has worked donating use of her works to organizations such as the Texas Department of Wildlife in efforts to preserve pronghorn antelope for instance. Amanda continues to press into new fields and mediums, taking on carving, and pyrography. The real joy comes from seeing what she will come up with next.


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